Thursday, December 15, 2011

Act Like A Parent, Don't Imitate One.

As I observe my surroundings, I see a lot of the teen issues that are caused by the lack of parental involvement. Most teenagers do not want their parents in their personal business, but they need to be involved to a certain extent. I have seen women, who are supposed to be mothers, let their daughters do what they want and when they want. They treat them like they are their friends. I mainly see this in teen mothers. They want to please their child so much that the child has no limits or boundaries. When you do not have a parent who is involved in your life, you start to do self-destructing things. You mainly do these things because no one is there to tell you not to. The mother then realizes that her child is going down the wrong path and tries to intervene. However, the teenager, knowing no limits, does not take this help and continues doing the wrong things. This becomes a cycle. As young women, we should let ourselves grow in all aspects of life before popping out babies that we cannot take care of. If you don’t know much about life, how can you teach another person about it? It seems like everything about life is being rushed. Let time take over and I’m sure we can produce better results.

--written by Jade, a participant of the Youth Leadership Task Force

Friday, November 11, 2011

DC Campaign 2011 Winner of 501 (c) Tech Technology Innovation Award

We are so excited to announce that DC Campaign is the 2011 Winner of the 501 (c) Tech Technology Innovation for creating and implementing the girls-only Media Youth Leadership Task Force. This Youth Leadership Task Force is a different approach to traditional advocacy. Girls are provided with the tools to create videos to tell their stories, blog pieces about the topic and social media promotion.

YLTF Is Awarded Finalist for Video Contest!!!!

We are honored to announce that DC Campaign was awarded Finalist in theEveryday Heroes and Heroines video contest for the Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington Inspiration to Action 2011 Awards Ceremony. Check out the video here:


Monday, September 19, 2011

Teen Pregnancy Closes Doors

A Gateway Into My Mind

        My name is Charnita Bartley and a couple of months ago I joined DC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy’s Youth Leadership Task Force. When I started my first day the atmosphere was very comfortable and I knew this was a place that I could get used to. The youth leadership task force is a group of teenagers who come together, discuss the important issues, and relay the message by creating videos to put on our blog. For example, one of the topics we discussed was body image. As a group we come together and brainstorm different ways we can approach a topic. Then we assign different roles such as scriptwriter, producer, actress, editor, etc… When we are finished with the filming and editing, the person who was chosen to be the writer writes a summary about what it is people are about to watch. Then the following week we do the same thing over again, but with a different topic to focus on.
            When I think of the Youth Leadership Task Force I think of a bond that cannot be broken. When I come here I feel as though I can confide in the people that I talk to and edit videos with. The Youth Leadership Task Force has taught me that there are bigger problems out there than those of my own and that we actually have a chance to prevent those problems with our words. Teen girls go through so many things on a day to day basis and hearing words from people their age that can relate can offer a sense of hope that cannot be taken away. While here, I have learned many things. I have learned how to edit a video, I have broadened and polished my writing skills, and I have learned not to be afraid when talking in front of a camera. If someone were to ask me “why should I join the youth leadership task force?” I would tell them join if you want to learn more about problems within your community, join if you want a chance to expand your creative mind, join if you want to gain new friends, and join if you want to make a difference.
            DC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy is a nonprofit organization established in 1999 in order to reduce teenage pregnancies and out-of-wedlock births. The mission of this organization is to cut DC’s teen pregnancy rate in half by 2015. Teen pregnancy is an issue because it hinders a lot of teens from marvelous opportunities that could come their way. Teen pregnancy also leads to more dropouts in school, poverty, stress, and strips teens of their right to enjoy the early years of their lives.
Some  ways to prevent teen pregnancy could include classes or programs that teach the importance of education, discuss the consequences of having a child at an early age and show teens that success could come their way if they wait to have children. If teens are sexually active it is important for them to know that using contraception every single time is necessary. The Youth Leadership Task Force has taught me a range of new skills and has also taught me the importance of making good decisions.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Don't Miss This Sale!!!

Check out members of the Youth Leadership Task Force in this Infomercial Parody that shows just how little sense teen pregnancy makes.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Body Image and Self Esteem

Here's what members of the Youth Leadership Task Force had to say about body image and self-esteem: issues that many teens deal with.

It is not the way you look that defines who you are. Struggles with body image and self-esteem are very prominent among teens. First all should realize that they are beautiful both inside and out. Living in a society where body image is exaggerated makes it very hard for someone to feel comfortable with themselves. Most teens rely on others such as a significant other or friends to tell them that they are beautiful. Some girls go back and forth with their opinions of how they look. All it takes is for one person to tell them that they're ugly and they quickly become discouraged. Girls especially have to stop being so easily discouraged and build their self-esteem and confidence and embrace their inner beauty.